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Simple Things Make Me Smile

Homemade holiday decor hung on my front door, for one thing. Or the three turkeys who clamor for my attention when I’m trying to take pictures of it, for another. They make me smile a lot, too. Advertisements

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9.2 Million, Now Minus 1

I haven’t done much blogging lately but it seems prudent to tie up a loose end that the few who read this blog might still be wondering about. I kicked my husband out of the house. Right back into the … Continue reading

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Bargain of the Week: Books

In light of my previous post, cue the refrain of Creedence: “Before you accuse me…” Yes, I am a book hoarder. I tried to get therapy but the support group met at the Public Library. The only sure-fire cure is … Continue reading

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A Very Crafty Christmas, Part II: Transformations

I suppose a New Year is all about transformation. Old becomes new again. The Future becomes The Present. Blah, blah. You get the idea. I’ve been doing my share of creating lately, only some of which has been posted. Pictures … Continue reading

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