Bargain of the Week: Books

In light of my previous post, cue the refrain of Creedence: “Before you accuse me…”

Yes, I am a book hoarder. I tried to get therapy but the support group met at the Public Library.

The only sure-fire cure is … a fire. (God forbid.) In vain, I suffer. And binge.

Books a MillionThis is me, justifying my addiction.

“I only spent six dollars.”

True. Cabbages and Kings and Man-eaters of Tsavo: $1.99 each. Ramona the Brave: 75 cents. Runaway Ralph and Stuart Little: 20 cents each.

“I need new books to read.”

Only about 50% true. I’ve read all three of the kids books many times. I even have a copy of Stuart Little on my shelf already. (But who doesn’t need an extra Stuart Little lying around? For 20 cents? Come on. Tell me you’re not that hard-hearted.)

“I buy books for my kids.”

Lie. Total and complete lie. Yes, Griffin is approaching chapter book readiness but I bought the Cleary books because I wanted to read them. (Again.)

As far as Cabbages and Kings and Man-eaters of Tsavo: well, I bought them because I just like old books. I like the shiny-dusty contrast of embossed gold on worn book covers. I like deckle-edged pages and bright illustration plates peeking through tissue leaves. I like the penciled-in prices and formal insignia of the original booksellers. I like the carefully inked personalization of the original owner. I like the somber weight a stack of old books gives to a shelf of more frivolous decor.

It helps if I want to read them, of course. I had to give this one a try.

Man-eaters of TsavoWilliam Goldman [INSERT: an awed hush falls over the screenwriters] used this book as the basis for a film which fell flat at the box office. But, hey, I enjoyed it and that’s all that matters.

In the interests of full disclosure, I balked at the price. For $1.99, I could have gotten ten copies of Stuart Little after all. But I couldn’t leave the Old Gentleman to rot on an ignominious shelf of a derelict thrift store until his binding crumbled with despair. It’s a disease, people.

Title Page

The First Kill

End PaperI’m not sorry. And I don’t intend to change.

I didn’t start wondering if this book was valuable until after I got home. This may be the only time in history that I’ve actually made money (strictly in theory, of course) while spending money.

I have no plans to actually sell this book but I find some small satisfaction in the knowledge it retained value over the last 80 years better than, say, your average Beanie Baby.

It gives me a little hope for humanity yet.

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The Dragonslayer's Wife. Mother of two Knights of The Realm. Keeper of the castle. Dame of The Order of Goldfish. Empress of Errands. Mistress of Leftovers. Writer betimes. Luckiest woman in the world.
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One Response to Bargain of the Week: Books

  1. Renee Oelschlaeger says:

    Beautifully expressed … you are my daughter (if ever I had reason to doubt).

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