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Some Enchanted Evening

You may see a stranger. You may see a stranger, across a crowded room… I had such an encounter yesterday. The longing. The excitement. The bargain. Be still my heart. At first, I thought I’d paint the whole cabinet white, … Continue reading

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Words on the Bus Go Round and Round

As of late, I’ve been very intrigued by vintage roll signs from old buses and trains. I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of the white-on-black or the use of graphic text as art, but I love them. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Character Intros and How To Screw Them Up

I haven’t very much writing lately — beyond transcribing the little voices in my head. However, a couple of movies I watched this week elevated my level of personal sanctimony to such a degree as to allow me to criticize … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

Like so many others, I’ve had my own private yearnings for a set of Tolix tabouret stools. But golly. The Conran Shop wants $325 each. I need four. Let’s see: $325 x 4 = There is No Way in God’s … Continue reading

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An Experiment

Sit down. I have something to confess. [Deep breath.] I am not a fashionista. I know you’re shocked and I’m very sorry to disappoint. But I’m just trying to honest here. I hope you can come to accept the real … Continue reading

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