Words on the Bus Go Round and Round

As of late, I’ve been very intrigued by vintage roll signs from old buses and trains. I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of the white-on-black or the use of graphic text as art, but I love them.

Photo: printdolls.com.au

Thanks to the wonders of mass transit, these signs are plentiful in the UK (though usually called “destination blinds”). They’re also a bit…er, pricey. I don’t really know what the pound/dollar conversion rate is right now, but I’m thinking £125 is expensive.

Actually, 125 dollars is beyond my present means.

We’d probably have to be talking pesos, or bahts, or rupees before “125” starts to sound reasonable for something to hang on my wall.

Acquisitiveness being the mother of invention that it is, I started playing and came up with my own version.


Rather than copy the bus route for a place I’ve never been, I used each of the streets I’ve lived on over the last 33 years. A little kitschy, maybe, but I love the way it turned out.

It’s still slightly unfinished. I used a cheapo canvas that was only of medium smoothness, so there was more bleeding that I anticipated. I need to decide if I want to go back and fill in the bleeds or leave it as is for that vintage [sloppy?] appeal.

I haven’t made up my mind yet. Opinions are welcome.

I may also hit it with a little Ralph Lauren smoke glaze so it isn’t so brilliantly white. I’m stalling though. I don’t really want to spend $30 for a gallon of glaze at the moment. There’s no rush.

But I predict more of these signs in my future… Luckily, they’re cheap.

A steal at a mere 232 bahts.

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