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[UPDATE: I feel I should clarify, my very gentlemanly husband does not go around calling women names or referring to their tattoos. The only time this phrase ever comes up is when we’re watching Cars. For the 6,492nd time.]

My husband has certain words and phrases that he has a hard time saying — which is not at all unusual, I realize. But it strikes me as funny that he’s consistent — the same words seem to get mangled.

So instead of referring to a woman’s lower back tattoo as a “tramp stamp,” he transposes.

It becomes the “stamp tramp.”

This week, I guess that’s me.

I’ve always loved those extra-large address stamps that are so popular these days, but I was never really into the idea of shelling out $60 for something that wasn’t 100% custom. None of the designs available were very “me,” and for that amount of money, I figured I should at least get a stamp that is “me.”

So I designed my own:

[No, that’s not my real address. Thank you, Photoshop.]

I use Adobe Illustrator but most any design program that allows you to save your design as  JPEG, GIF or PNG file will do. Once you’ve completed the design, search the internet for “custom rubber stamps” and then send your design to the stamp manufacturer of your choice.

A couple of design tips:

  1. Feel free to mix fonts within one design but don’t go overboard. For a design this size, I like to use no more than two fonts, usually one Serif or Script font with one complimentary Sans Serif font.
  2. Very thin fonts aren’t well-suited to rubber stamps, but if you like the look of a font and want to make it work, trying setting it to bold or adding a .25 or .50 pt outline.
  3. If you’re designing a return address stamp, keep the address in a clear, simple font. The Post Office will thank you.
  4. Feel free to use simple graphics in the design but don’t choose graphics that include grayscale shading.
  5. Large areas of ink won’t stamp uniformly and may leave “holidays,” so keep that in mind. If you dislike the mottled look of holidays, avoid large areas of solid black and lines that are too thick.

Most stamp manufacturers will offer art mounted stamps (the kind used with a stamp pad) of virtually any size. However, if you prefer a self-inking stamp like the one pictured above, I’ve listed some brands and model numbers below to help you in your search:

1 5/8″ SQUARE:

  • Trodat 4924
  • Cosco Q43
  • Ideal 5742

1 5/8″ ROUND:

  • Cosco R40
  • Ideal 400R
  • Trodat 46040
  • Trodat 4924 Circular

I’ll be having a booth at the our local Spring Market in April and planned on selling, among other fun things, custom address stamps. However, I feel like I should have more than one example of my designs so people can see the options available. But since these will be custom stamps, I don’t want to waste my time designing eight different versions for “Jane Doe” or “Sally Smith” of Anytown, USA.

Giveaway, anyone?


Winner receives one Custom Design suitable for an address stamp. You may choose your design shape:

  • Square (1 5/8″ x 1 5/8″)
  • Round (1 5/8″)
  • Oblong (1″ x 2 3/4″)

I will work with you to create a design that fits your style and personality, drawing from 1,500+ fonts and hundreds of graphic icons. Once complete, I will send you JPEG, PNG and GIF files of your design, for your unlimited, royalty-free use. As in, if you decide to tattoo the design on your lower back, you don’t owe me a dime.

Note: This giveaway includes only the design, not the stamp itself. (My blog is not one of those nifty, ad-supported ones and my hubby would freak. And then disconnect my computer.) However, if you would like to purchase a stamp, you can send the digital artwork to any reputable stamp company or I can order one for you at cost.


In a traditional giveaway, your odds of winning go down as the number of entries goes up. Which leaves you little incentive to invite your friends to enter. I thought I’d up the ante.

  • If more than 50 people enter, I’ll give away a 2nd Custom Design.
  • If more than 100 people enter, I’ll give away a 3rd Custom Design.
  • I cannot imagine it going beyond that, but, if by some crazed circumstance, even more people enter, I will give away another Custom Design for every 200 entries after that.

So go forth and multiply.


Leave a comment describing your monogram style. Would yours be Traditional? Modern? Retro? Cutesy? Something else? (I won’t hold you to that description if you win, so don’t panic.)

One entry per person, please. Don’t forget: if you’re commenting anonymously, include an email address so I can notify you if you win.

Giveaway will close March 17th at 9:00 AM (CST). Winners will be selected by random drawing.

Good luck!


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5 Responses to Stamp Tramp GIVEAWAY

  1. AtOneWithHim says:

    Oh how fun! I have always wanted one as well, I just never bothered trying to do it.
    I would describe my style as vintage traditional, I like clean lines but also rust and shab… maybe I’m a mess. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Leah Finn says:

    Okay, I cannot even begin to figure out how I found your website, but what a fun giveaway! Real Simple mag just had a ‘decorating quiz’ and I come out somewhere between “Cozy Casual” and “Vintage Retro” or something like that…what that means?!? A stamp for me would be simple and clean, with maybe a monogram or a basic graphic (probably a tree or branch…)

  3. michele says:

    ooohhh, i love that! enter meee! i am a minimalist (at heart, anyways…) so mine would be simple and modern. thanks for the design giveaway!

  4. Gloria Elswood says:

    I love your stamp. I like traditional but want something “different”. I like the term vintage traditional. Hope I win I have wanted one of these forever.

  5. Lauren says:

    Love these stamps, and have gotten so many great ideas from your blog. Thank you for that, and for the chance to win a fabulous stamp. I would probably go for something traditional, but might jump outside of my box and go Modern!

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