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Spring Market

Well, I survived the Spring Market. Thanks largely to the good company of good friends who managed to put up with me for an entire day-and-a-half. Even with no drinking involved. Now that it’s over, I’ve been just kicking back, … Continue reading

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I Had the Group Liquidated

I’ve decided that the state of stagnation I’m experiencing in my personal and professional ambitions is, as usual, due to one slight miscalculation. All this time, I’ve been operating under the presumption I’m one of the good guys. Maybe my … Continue reading

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It’s All in How You Say It

It only takes having a four-year-old to learn how key enunciating your words can be. For example, my four-year-old has the tendency to drop a lot of “R”s. Mostly harmless. Except when saying at least one word. Today’s lesson: I … Continue reading

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The New Oven

Scott installed the new double oven today and I’m thrilled. There’s nothing like a shiny new appliance to make me feel like spending some time in the kitchen. Thank you, Green Country Home & Garden Show, for making this post … Continue reading

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First Job

Is there a psychological term to describe the imbalance of someone who posts photos that will only embarrass herself, as though she had no control over the content of her blog whatsoever? Because that would be me today. But anything … Continue reading

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On Easter

I’m sitting here at at my parents house, waiting for a fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate cheesecake to cool enough for me to put it in the fridge so I can go to bed. And I find myself thinking. What a dark night … Continue reading

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My New Toy

Between plans for the bathroom remodel, volunteer commitments and getting ready for Spring Market, March was a busy month. But I have had time to buy a new toy — one I hope will play a starring role in both … Continue reading

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