Chocolate for a Frugal Friday

Someone gave me a gift box of these Godiva Chocolate Biscuits once. I still haven’t recovered.

For better or worse, they cost $8.50 a box. If I planned to make them a fixture in my life, I’d be forced to take up a more profitable hobby. Like speculating in the international currency markets.

Theological Question: Is it wrong to thank God for Aldi when I pray?

I was doing my grocery shopping a couple of months ago and out of the corner of my eye, as I whizzed past, I caught a glimpse of these:

These are like tablets of Ecstasy for stay-at-home moms. I even had a chocolate-induced hallucination that I might squeeze into a bathing suit this summer.

Did I mention they are $1.29 per box?

It’s been years since I tasted the Godiva version, so I can’t say with any authority how closely these compare. What I can tell you is that I hid them from my husband. For days. I got down to the last one before the guilt set in and I was compelled to share.

Can you blame me?

They have Milk Chocolate, too. But when the choice comes down to milky sweet or dark and subtle, for me, there is no choice.

I ♥ Aldi.


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