I Blame My Mother

I’m neck deep in the quicksand of a website-conversion-slash-blog-migration-slash-shopping-cart-revamp-slash-Lord-knows-what-else-I’m-going-to-find-needs-doing.

None of which I would ever have attempted had it not been for my mother.

I spent my formative years watching her tackle just about every trade skill or hobby known to man because she just wanted it done. It never mattered what the skill was — upholstering furniture, plumbing, electrical work, website design, nuclear fission — she just rolled up her sleeves and wrestled it into submission.

Such fearsome competence has cast a shadow over my entire adult life. I am constitutionally unable to pay anyone to do something I myself might have a chance of sorting out.

So some people outsource. The women of my family self-source.

It’s an inherited disorder. And I’ve got it baaaaaaaad.

Anyway, should you notice odd blips with the blog, links, my websites or anything else, you know why. I hope to have everything ironed out soon.

In the meantime, hug a competent woman and thank her for raising the bar. (Thanks, Mom.)


About The Chatelaine

The Dragonslayer's Wife. Mother of two Knights of The Realm. Keeper of the castle. Dame of The Order of Goldfish. Empress of Errands. Mistress of Leftovers. Writer betimes. Luckiest woman in the world.
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6 Responses to I Blame My Mother

  1. Incognita says:

    My MIL felt exactly the same, so when she decided to open her own online store, she reasoned, “I can use Photoshop 5, so of course I can install this huge beta open source php application.” She ended up paying a lot of people from all over the world to do tech support for her, and the result was a mess of the sort that cannot be adequately described without resorting to hyperbole.

    On the other hand, if you really are willing to delve into a subject, you can save yourself enormous amounts of money. I think you just have to pick your battles wisely.

  2. ReneeO says:

    Just one observation (LOL): although I’ve managed to do some “plumping” in my life, adding to my girth was never intentional. On the other hand, navigating my way through the Reader’s Digest Do It Yourself Manual was essential for resolving “plumbing” issues.

  3. My mom was the same way! She could do almost anything, decorating, sewing, gardening, painting and multiple home repairs. I’ll never forget the school bus pulling up in front of our yard and there is my mother up in a very tall palm tree trimming the fonds.
    Take care,

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