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The road to blogging obscurity is paved with good intentions.

Movin’ On Over

My odyssey to the self-hosted WordPress blog is almost complete. I’m hoping to  finish the official redirect either today or in the next couple of days and — with any luck — avoid any broken links or missing pages in … Continue reading

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I Blame My Mother

I’m neck deep in the quicksand of a website-conversion-slash-blog-migration-slash-shopping-cart-revamp-slash-Lord-knows-what-else-I’m-going-to-find-needs-doing. None of which I would ever have attempted had it not been for my mother. I spent my formative years watching her tackle just about every trade skill or hobby known … Continue reading

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Variations on a Theme

As you can see, I’m monkeying with the appearance of the blog. WordPress has launched a new theme (“Twenty Ten,” for those who care) that offers much more flexibility than the one I’ve been using and I had to give … Continue reading

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WordPress Says So

Ever so slowly, I am unearthing the treasures of WordPress. Maybe you’re a Blogspot user and you often find yourself wondering “Why can’t I [fill in the blank]?” in the midst of your blogging endeavors. You probably can [fill in … Continue reading

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It’s Coming…

Amazon tells me to expect this little darling this week. I’m so relieved. The burden of planning blog posts that never got written was getting to be too much for me.

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