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Because after all, this blog is about me. (At least I’m honest.)

Chocolate for a Frugal Friday

Someone gave me a gift box of these Godiva Chocolate Biscuits once. I still haven’t recovered. For better or worse, they cost $8.50 a box. If I planned to make them a fixture in my life, I’d be forced to … Continue reading

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When It All Began

We were very young. Twenty-two and twenty-three, in actual fact. Neither of us wore glasses. I was still paying off a credit card. (Sorry about that…) We were naive enough to think the carpeting of our cheap apartment was damp … Continue reading

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I Had the Group Liquidated

I’ve decided that the state of stagnation I’m experiencing in my personal and professional ambitions is, as usual, due to one slight miscalculation. All this time, I’ve been operating under the presumption I’m one of the good guys. Maybe my … Continue reading

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First Job

Is there a psychological term to describe the imbalance of someone who posts photos that will only embarrass herself, as though she had no control over the content of her blog whatsoever? Because that would be me today. But anything … Continue reading

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In Which the Sun Doth Return

Books repaired. Rusty lettuce thrown out. Desk cleaned. Grocery shopping done. DIY project delegated to husband. The sun is shining. Thank you, God.

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The Dark Side – A Photo Essay

I would say that 99% of the time, I’m a pretty upbeat person. Okay, maybe it’s like 85%. But I do have a darker side. Apparently, all it takes is a little dreary, overcast weather for that dark side to … Continue reading

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9.2 Million, Now Minus 1

I haven’t done much blogging lately but it seems prudent to tie up a loose end that the few who read this blog might still be wondering about. I kicked my husband out of the house. Right back into the … Continue reading

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A Very Crafty Christmas, Part II: Transformations

I suppose a New Year is all about transformation. Old becomes new again. The Future becomes The Present. Blah, blah. You get the idea. I’ve been doing my share of creating lately, only some of which has been posted. Pictures … Continue reading

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Topography of the Mind

Apparently the old saw “If you can’t say anything nice…” applies to blogging, too. So I haven’t blogged. I feel guilty about unloading all my angst on the hapless half-dozen who might cruise by here. Or maybe I’m just cautious … Continue reading

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WordPress Says So

Ever so slowly, I am unearthing the treasures of WordPress. Maybe you’re a Blogspot user and you often find yourself wondering “Why can’t I [fill in the blank]?” in the midst of your blogging endeavors. You probably can [fill in … Continue reading

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