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The reason I get up in the morning. Literally.

New Feature?

I’m thinking of adding a new weekly feature to my blog. Perhaps — in deference to the latest crazy sweeping Facebook, Twitter and the web — I’ll call it: Sh*t My Kids Broke. On second thought, I’d better make it … Continue reading

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A Little Overlap

I can’t believe the Twice Remembered Cottage Charm Giveaway has been going on for almost a month! Just a reminder: my giveaway ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t entered, get on the stick. You can view my giveaway here and … Continue reading

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Mothers & Sons

I have the best of both. Although in personality I most resemble my dad, my mama had the unenviable job of tempering the concatenation of quirks, freaks and neuroses that is yours truly into a balanced, moderately normal human being. … Continue reading

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It’s All in How You Say It

It only takes having a four-year-old to learn how key enunciating your words can be. For example, my four-year-old has the tendency to drop a lot of “R”s. Mostly harmless. Except when saying at least one word. Today’s lesson: I … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

Like so many others, I’ve had my own private yearnings for a set of Tolix tabouret stools. But golly. The Conran Shop wants $325 each. I need four. Let’s see: $325 x 4 = There is No Way in God’s … Continue reading

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A Very Crafty Christmas

A spending freeze has its good points. At such times, one inclined to dabble in handicrafts is forced, when confronted by the sudden and inexplicable urge to create, to start rooting through the $16,946.29 — conservatively — of tools and … Continue reading

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Tears and Fears (and rears).

I fear my computer is hosed. Boo-hoo-hoo. Sniff, sniff. Yes, I spent most of my evening doing just that. Until I gave up trying to sort out the mess and watched both Jon Gosselin and Flipping Out until I felt, well — not … Continue reading

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