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Thoughts on “Superman Returns”

I’ve been a big (albeit very surprised) enthusiast of the Batman reboot. In fact, I’m still smarting over the Academy Awards’ failure to nominate The Dark Knight for Best Picture. However, I didn’t get particularly excited about the latest Superman … Continue reading

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Where Good Franchises Go to Die

The cable guide actually labeled it Iron Man. Imagine my surprise when we started the DVR and found this instead. I can only surmise that we were fated to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Nobody Really Cares About … Continue reading

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I Had the Group Liquidated

I’ve decided that the state of stagnation I’m experiencing in my personal and professional ambitions is, as usual, due to one slight miscalculation. All this time, I’ve been operating under the presumption I’m one of the good guys. Maybe my … Continue reading

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Character Intros and How To Screw Them Up

I haven’t very much writing lately — beyond transcribing the little voices in my head. However, a couple of movies I watched this week elevated my level of personal sanctimony to such a degree as to allow me to criticize … Continue reading

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Bargain of the Week: Books

In light of my previous post, cue the refrain of Creedence: “Before you accuse me…” Yes, I am a book hoarder. I tried to get therapy but the support group met at the Public Library. The only sure-fire cure is … Continue reading

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