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My pursuit of the craft. I might quit, except that I can’t not write.

Where Good Franchises Go to Die

The cable guide actually labeled it Iron Man. Imagine my surprise when we started the DVR and found this instead. I can only surmise that we were fated to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Nobody Really Cares About … Continue reading

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Patron Saint of Tacky Decor

Something about my front door seems to warrant decoration. I didn’t have this problem in the old house. Or maybe I just never noticed it. My old door was completely blank 11 months a year, with just one lonely wreath … Continue reading

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Character Intros and How To Screw Them Up

I haven’t very much writing lately — beyond transcribing the little voices in my head. However, a couple of movies I watched this week elevated my level of personal sanctimony to such a degree as to allow me to criticize … Continue reading

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WordPress Says So

Ever so slowly, I am unearthing the treasures of WordPress. Maybe you’re a Blogspot user and you often find yourself wondering “Why can’t I [fill in the blank]?” in the midst of your blogging endeavors. You probably can [fill in … Continue reading

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Back When the Words Flowed Like Wine

Actually, in my college days, the words flowed waaaaay more than the wine — to which anyone who knew me in college can attest. Lately, I found myself wondering: was I really any good as a young writer? In my current … Continue reading

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Blog, Redux

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” my mother often says. That sums up my blogging history quite neatly. Blogging was supposed to be a fun diversion (read: “procrastination tool”) that helped me keep in touch with family … Continue reading

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